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A Spanish Immersion Daycare

A Spanish Immersion Daycare

Hi! My name is Maria, but I go by Charo.

Let me tell you a bit about myself and my daycare.

My Experience

I, Charo, moved to San Francisco, CA in 1991. Since then, I've nannied for over 40 families and taught in a couple of San Francisco schools and daycares. After working with children for over 25 years, I am opening my own Spanish immersion home daycare in Top of the Hill, Daly City, close to the Outer Mission, Ingleside neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Camille, one of the first children I nannied in 1992.

My Philosophy

Children have difficulty coping with changes, especially when it comes to attending a new daycare.

With my experience, I’ve understood children need warmth and responsiveness to gain trust in their caregiver. All children are different and each one needs and deserves particular attention. This is crucial to their development.

It is after they’ve developed trust that they become open to new experiences, knowledge and language through play.

our Program

It’s well known that the minds of infants and children develop most rapidly in their early stages of life. They also benefit greatly knowing two languages in our increasingly diverse and global world. For this reason, my program is 100% based in Spanish.

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